French Magazine "Usine nouvelle" has chosen role models for Industry for 2019.

I was fortunate to be nominated for the 2019 Women in Industry Awards. This was the 8th edition of these trophies. The categories were as follows:

Women entrepreneurs
Women in production
Project women
Women in R&D
Women of innovation
Commercial women
Digital Women
Women in sustainable development
International Women
Women at the beginning promising

I have had the opportunity on several occasions to be part of a great team that organizes the ESTP trophies for women ( here). I know it’s difficult to find candidates who have agreed to reveal themselves. Because that’s what it’s about. In the case of the new plant, the file asked us to tell our story and our greatest pride. 

I decided to tell about my learning, the moments when I went out of my comfort zone. I also talked about the difference between running a business and being an entrepreneur. I told the story of the genesis of my approach and my dream. This writing unlocked several things. I have agreed to conduct English language training abroad, I have been a lecturer and I am starting interview cycles.

The winner, Julia Cattin, talked about the family bereavement that brought her into the family handling equipment business. The other one, Florence Robin, is in a completely innovative approach to lithium batteries. In short, it is an honour to be at their side.


Being entrepreneur is now a bigger dream.