Les mythes de l’intelligence artificielle

"L’intelligence artificielle n’existe pas" par Luc Julia aux éditions FIRST

In this book, Luc Julia would like to use the term “augmented intelligence” instead of “artificial intelligence”.
To convince us, he introduces us to his expertise and his career as a researcher in France and then in Silicon Valley. He also tells us his experiences as a start-up or manager in large groups and the creation of his “Lab” in France.
He goes on to detail the various historical progresses that have led to the current computer science. This reminder helps us to understand the stakes on IA and machine learning.
He projects us in 2040 with an application of “augmented intelligence” in our daily lives from home by integrating new modes of transport, education and work.

He warns against alarmist temptations regarding so-called artificial intelligence and reminds us of the importance of critical thinking and curiosity. His questions about the depletion of natural resources and his encouragement to be more relevant about the data we want to process and store is a good start for our understanding on this topic.