I am Christine QUINOLA. I founded CALLIROXE in January 2019.

I grew up 3 miles from a sugar production plant, which was the rhythm of life in the town and even in part of the region. I visited this site as a schoolgirl. Gears and treadmills hypnotized me. It was a real place to live and a real place of noise. The walls of this place are now rusty and very empty. The factory has closed. Some workers made it through and others were unable to retrain. plants closures have followed one another on my archipelago of Guadeloupe ( French West Indies).

       This story is not just mine. Even today, some regions and industries are still paying the price. I remain optimistic. I see an opportunity in this race for competitiveness. An opportunity that should make us curious.

From my point of view, project management is a concrete way of applying curiosity. It is often a question of coordinating business expertise towards a common vision. How do you get there without being curious?

I have worked as a project manager in multi cultural companies erent cultures linked by their technical roots. Beyond the framing and structuring of my projects, I learned that:

  • With good profiles (technical AND functional), only sky is the limit
  • With a good managerial organization, proactivity is encouraged
  • With respect for stakeholders, longevity is ensured

During my training and workshops in project management, I share my experiences to encourage the creation of communities or working groups within client companies. In general, I enrich my interventions with different sources (press, film, books, series, conferences, international standards, meetings and visits).

Another skill I have developed while leading projects is to develop partnerships. I work with a trusted network to complete themes, to challenge myself to create new content and above all to stay on top of it.

 Consulting activities, which I offer on short assignments:

  • either to structure a project internally before technical and commercial consultation
  • or because there is a part of industrialization
  • or because there is an international issue


I ensure conferences in which industry, agriculture and curiosity are illustrated with examples from everyday life.



They trust us


Projects, Talents, Curiosity, Innovation